Information about the mission

Date :
from May 13 to May 25, 2014
Location :
Centro de Salud de Mazan (Amazonian region), Peru
Podiatrist in mission :
Dr Liem Nguyen

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Mission summary

After some 15 hours of travel, Dr Nguyen, Podiatrist, arrived in Iquitos, a major city in Peru’s Amazonian region. A further 40 minute trip along the Amazon river took him to the village of Mazan.

The day before his arrival however, a general strike of all health professionals including doctors had begun. During this strike, except for serious and urgent cases, no professional was allowed to treat patients.

Following negotiations with the local union, an agreement was reached allowing the podiatrist to offer his services for two days. He operated on ten ingrown toenails, treated a case of tinea pedis and two instances of verrucas.

In keeping with the objectives and practices of Podiatrists Without Borders, Dr Nguyen carried out procedures alongside local doctors and professionals. On leaving he left with the clinic materials and medication so that further care to be provided.

Impressed with the warm reception from the people of Mazan, well aware of their podiatric needs and delighted with the spectacular nature of the Amazonian region (which reminded him of some aspects of his native village in Vietnam), Dr Nguyen is already thinking of going back to Mazan in the spring of 2015 to treat more patients and to transfer care techniques and medical knowledge to local health professionals.

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