Information about the mission

from August 10th, 2013 to September 18th, 2013
Yaoundé, Bandjun, Bafoussam, Douala – Cameroun
Volunteer participants:
Marie-Maxime Bussières, student for a Doctorate in Podiatric, 3rd year
Angelo Macaluso, student for a Doctorate in Podiatric, 4th year
Abraham Massicotte, student for a Doctorate in Podiatric, 4th year
Stéphanie Bélanger, student for a Doctorate in Podiatric, 4th year
Yoan Blondeau, student for a Doctorate in Podiatric, 4th year
Podiatrist in mission :
Marie-Christine Torchon, Doctor in Podiatric Medicine, Podiatrist Without Borders Vice-President and Project Leader
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Mission summary

During the course of this Mission, five students and one podiatrist left Canada on August 11th, 2013 for Yaoundé, Cameroun’s Capital.

The first day consisted in meetings and training sessions at the «Université des Montagnes» in the Baganté area, Western Cameroun. We were given access to lab tests, X-rays and a pharmacy. After only one day of treatment, word of mouth spread quickly and the number of patients increased dramatically.

On our Open House Day, roughly one hundred patients availed themselves of free treatments at the CFA School in Djebem. Treatments were also offered in a community room in Famleng, a village in the bush: Ta waffo Yaouvop, the Research Centre in Training and Applying Natural and Conventional Treatments.

The following chart illustrates all the provided treatments:

Indeed, in the course of this humanitarian mission, we were able to notice quite a few cases of Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI), as well as many cases of Fungal Infection, arthrosis, rheumatoid arthitis, kidney insufficiency, gout, abcess, machete wounds, filariasis, neuropathic / arterial/ venous ulcers, trauma wounds, etc.

During our stay in Cameroun, while we were treating our patients and while we were visiting our host family, we discovered loving and grateful people as well as a rich culture. Globally, we saw 285 patients.